Monday, July 13, 2009

Silent Stage SDCC Product Release Information

Angry Woebots "Wall of Fur & Fangs" Stretched Canvas Print. After a huge demand for a larger print of this image, we decided to do a 20" x 20" stretched canvas print. It will only be an edition of 5, each individually hand accented by Angry Woebots himself. Each canvas print will be signed & numbered as well. These are ready to hang & will retail at $210 each. This will be the first public Angry Woebots stretched canvas print release. These will also release at the PFOM Pop-Up store & will be available online on our store after SDCC.

"Wall Of Fur & Fangs"
20" x 20" Stretched Canvas Print
Signed & Numbered Edition of 5 (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Gold)
Price: $210 each

Angry Woebots SDCC Exclusive Print "Cheeseburger". Edition of Only 20 & will be released at the PFOM Pop-Up store. The Giclee' Print measures 11"x14" & retails for $70. Those who can not make it to SDCC this year & are a forum member, please PM us. Thank you & see you at SDCC!!! These will be available online on our store after SDCC.

11x14" Edition of 20
310gsm Museum Archival Paper
Retail: $70 each

Exclusive Silent Stage shirts (Edition of 30), silkscreen prints (Edition of 10), and stickers (Edition of 600) for the SDCC 09' PFOM pop-up store!! The 2 color (red/white) Silent Stage hand logo silkscreen prints will measure 15" x 22" Silent Stage on 90lb. black paper & will run $15 each. Prints will be numbered & all orders at the pop-up store will receive free Silent Stage stickers. These will be available online on our store after SDCC.

Silent Stage Shirts (Edition of 30- Comes with Silkscreen Sticker 4"x6") $25

15" x 22" on 90lb black paper (Comes with Silkscreen Sticker 4"x6")
2 color Silent Stage hand logo silkscreen print
$15 each Edition of 10 (Numbered) + 5 AP's

Silent Stage Silkscreen Sticker 4"x6" (Edition of 600) Free with Purchase

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Wall of Fur & Fangs" Angry Woebots Print

Looks like we got an exclusive print from Angry Woebots. After seeing the original piece in person, we were blown away and had to make an exclusive print. The "Wall of Fur & Fangs" Series 1 Print will be a signed & numbered edition of 35, measuring 12" x 12" on archival museum paper. Retail will be $60 & will be released July 2nd at 1:00 Pacific Standard Time at Silent Stage Gallery.

Angry Woebots
"Fur & Fang" Series 1
12" x 12" Archival Museum Paper
Edition of 35